1. Introduction

The Celestial Church of Christ Education Trust Fund (ETF) was established in June 2010 to commemorate the 2010 Juvenile Harvest Celebrations. It has a primary focus to help the indigent but deserving pupils of the Church Community who are at the following schools:

  1. Primary Schools (PS);

  2. Junior Secondary Schools (JSS);

  3. Senior Secondary Schools (SSS)

Pursuant to the successful conclusion of the 2010 Juvenile Harvest Celebrations, the Central Cathedral Education Trust Fund Committee was inaugurated on the Harvest Thanksgiving Day. It was given a mandate to establish a scholarship fund for the deserving children in the Church in order to alleviate the burdens on their families. Various well-meaning individuals in the Church were moved to contribute and as a result of their support, the Fund became fully operational by September 2010.

2. Objective of the ETF Scheme

The main objective of the scheme is to assist indigent members of the Church who have demonstrable financial constraints in training their children or wards in either the Primary School or Junior Secondary School or Senior Secondary School in Abuja, Nigeria.

3. Conditions Precedent for the award of the Scholarship Scheme

Considering the importance of the scheme, the following conditions precedents are required to be fulfilled by any intending applicant.

  1. The Parents/Guardians/applicants should be able to show evidence of demonstrable financial constraints;
  2. The applicant should be able to show evidence of outstanding academic merit; and
  3. The applicants must be the children of Celestial Church of Christ Central Cathedral members.


4. Types of Scholarship

4.1 Primary School: The scholarship will cover Tuition Fees/ books.

4.2 Junior Secondary School: The scholarship will cover Tuition Fees/ books and Certificate Examination Fees.

4.3 Senior Secondary School: The scholarship will cover Tuition Fees/ book and Certificate Examination Fees.

All fees to be paid will have a ceiling commensurate with the average paid in the public schools of the same category.

Consequently the following ceilings will apply:

  • Primary Schools ———N30,000.00
  • JSS and SSS ————-N50,000.00

Parents will be advised accordingly and will be expected to use their discretion when making their choice of School for their Children.