CCC thus, deriving its ethereal name directly from heaven, the church claims to be an extension or a branch of the mother church, ‘the Celestial in heaven above which is Zion ‘ that was specially sent down through Oschoffa to be established on earth. They believed that God sent down this “heavenly” church to the world thus also making CCC a “heavenly” place on earth. A bridge was therefore built connecting orun and aiye.

The self-identification of CCC as “the last ship/vessel/boat for salvation” 2 best exemplifies the fusion of this-worldly and the other-worldly orientations in our understanding of igbala (salvation).

The member’s reference to their church as the last ship for salvation is made manifest both in spoken words as well as in their well-established hymn repertoire as examples of their songs have shown.

Yoruba Version English Version Oko igbala ikehin

The last ship for salvation (italics emphasis mine) Oko igbala The last ship Oko igbala ikehin ni Ijo Mimo

The last ship of salvation is Celestial Church Eni ti ko ba wonu Oko na

He who fails to enter the last ship Yio rii sinu bu omi

Will sink into deep water (Yoruba Hymn Number (Y.H.N.) * author’s translation / English Version (E.V.) 142) E yin Jesu, E yin Jesu

Praise ye Jesus, praise ye Jesus Fun ‘Jo kehin to so kale

For the last church he descended… (Y.H.N. 330 / E.V. 13) E yin Jesu, E yin Jesu …

Praise ye Jesus praise ye Jesus Fun ‘Jo kehin to so kale

For the last church He descended Nipa agbara eje Jesu

By the power of Blood of Jesus Ni Baba fi gbe kale …

That the Father founded it… … Awon Aje tiri tiju …

The witches are all confounded Awon oso tiri idame

The wizards are all confused

Devil trembles even crumbles .. Esu wariri o subu

Before the power of this church… Niwaju agba Ijo yi . (Y.H.N. 330 / E.V. 13)

CCC sees itself as possessing the instrument of power with which it will cleanse and purify the other churches and the world in general. We can also perceive in CCC an attempt at bridging heaven with earth both figuratively and practically. While recognizing the essence and urgency of these other-worldly salvational goals, “life everlasting”,