It is through effectual prayers that CCC members gain access to heaven, and attracts the attention, power and action of Jehovah (God), Jesu Kristi (Jesus Christ), Emi Mimo (the Holy Spirit) and malaika/angeli (the angelic forces) against the mischievous forces that parade this world. The ‘word of God’ (Bible) is no longer only the ‘word of life’ , but also a reserve of spiritual ammunition in order to disable the adversary. Ajogun, aje and oso will now “tremble under the holy power of this church” and they cannot enter the “Last Ship for salvation”.

Our Mission

To evangelize the world through the proclamation of the Word – the Good news of the Messiah Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom of God; in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, proclaiming deliverance to those bound by the shackles of Satan,healing the brokenhearted, the sick, the infirmed, restoring hope to the hopeless and those who are bound, while reinforcing the faith of all – both feeble and strong in the unfailing righteousness and faithfulness of God Almighty and Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior.