is ordained by the Holy Spirit that:

  • Members of Celestial Church of Christ are forbidden to engage or participate in any form of idolatory, fetish ceremony or cults, black magic and charms;
  • Cigarette or tobacco smoking or snuffing or any type of weed smoking or snuffing is forbidden to members of the Celestial Church of Christ;
  • Consumption of any form of alcohol, wine or any strong drink that can intoxicate is forbidden to members of Celestial Church of Christ as the odour of all these – cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, etc. – are repugnant to the presence of the Holy Spirit;
  • Consumption of pork or any food offered as sacrifice to idols or other powers of darkness is forbidden to members of Celestial Church of Christ;
  • Members are forbidden to wear apparels made of black or red materials except for professional reasons;
  • Members should not wear shoes when wearing their sutana or within the premises of the Church;
  • Male and female members are forbidden to sit together side by side within the Church and its premises;
  • Female members during menstruation are not allowed to come within the precincts of the Church until after their sanctification after seven clear days;
  • and where the menstruation extends beyond seven days, two clear days should be allowed for after stoppage before sanctification;
  • Female members are forbidden from entering the altar area or leading the congregation in worship;
  • In Celestial Church of Christ, only white candles are to be used. Coloured candles are strictly forbidden;
  • Fornication and adultery are forbidden in the Celestial Church of Christ;
  • Holy is the Celestial Church of Christ and all who worship in her should endeavour to be clean in body and in soul

Principles and Beliefs of this church?

Is CCC a Christian Church (aka Born Again Church) or not ?

I will start by defining what is meant by Born Again according to the bible. Born again means being born of Water and Spirit and believing that Jesus is the Son of God (John 3: 1-7).

As Celestians we are Born Again as we are a Spirit filled Church and we believe in the power of the Holy Trinity. Every aspect of the Church is Bible related, for instance before we enter the Church by sanctifing ourselves with Holy Water, we bow our heads in worship at the start of the service and  we begin our prayers by calling The 3 Holy Names

Jehovah (God)

Jesus Christ (Son of God)

Holy Michael ( The defender of the saints).

This signifies that we call on the Almighty God that makes heaven and earth every time we pray, The Only Son of God (Jesus Christ) as He is The Way and The Light and no one can get to the Father except through Him. Holy Michael who is the defender of the saints, Dan 12 v 1.

Why do we mention name of Angels in our prayers?

The roles of God’s angels are to serve Him constantly, carry out His will and glorify Him.

How is CCC Special?

We are a unique Church from heaven above and Our mode of worship is different in that we incorporate how the Israelites worship and serve God with that of Messiah The King, Our Lord Jesus Christ. If you want to know more about why we do what we do please go to our Doctrine page

Our mode of Worship?

The mode of worship in Celestial Church of Christ was given by divine revelation to the pastor founder (link) of the church and to some of those who God would call to work with him in the ministry. While it may appear to be unconventional, it is in conformity with the word of God. Provided below are the details of important elements of our worship…

Attire During worship services we: » Wear a Sutana » Do not wear shoes » Wear head coverings (for female members) Please note that wearing a sutana is not required when you come to worship; however, it is compulsory to take off footwear and for females to wear a head covering. See below for further explanation.

Sutana: This is the name for the white robes we wear. As Celestians, it symbolizes of the words of Jesus Christ that we are not of this world; we are citizens of heaven (bible verse). The white robe is the heavenly attire of the saints, for those who belong to God (See 2 Chronicles 5:12, Matthew 28:2, Mark 16:5, Luke 9:29, Acts 1: 9-11, Revelations 4:4, Revelations 6:11, Revelations 7:9-14, Revelations 19:14).

Walking without shoes?

1. EXODUS 3:5

What does CCC logo means?

It can be said that the logo symbolizes the God as The Trinity, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The logo is made up of four parts (the four corners of the world). The parts are as follows:

a. The rainbow (God the Father): This is the covenant to God that He will not destroy mankind with water again. Inside the logo is the name of the church in four main languages– English, French, Yoruba and Egun.

b. The Eye (Holy Spirit) : This is the Omnipresent Eye of God that sees everything, nothing is hidden under The Eye of God and no man can hide from Him.

c. The Crown : This is the crown that awaits the righteous Christians in Heaven.

d. The Cross : This is the challenges of life Christians have to endure while leaving in this sinful World.

The Altar?

The altar which signifies the throne of God is referred to in many places in the Bible. It is erected to mark the place where the believer worshipped and made offerings to God (See Genesis 22:9, Genesis 26:24-25, Exodus 40:26-27, 2 Chronicles 4:19-20, 2 Chronicles 6:12-14, Luke 1:11, Revelations 1:12-13, Revelations 4:5). It is a representation of the throne of God where God dwells. In the church, there are seven lit candlesticks on the altar. As described in Revelations 4:5, the seven lit candles represent the seven spirits of God.

What does it take to become a vegetarian?

I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.

Is there anything at all you can not do?

Talent does what it can; genius does what it must.

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